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Occitanie Wedding Cakes

Two experienced bakers providing lovingly designed wedding cakes, sweet tables and desserts in South-west France

A wedding day should be the most special, perfect and unique day for every couple - we make hope to mirror this in every cake that we make. Each of our cakes is lovingly designed, made and delivered with your personal taste and style in mind.
We take the time in finding out exactly what you want from your wedding cake, whether it be dietary requirements, flavours, designs or colours, each just as important as the other, to beautifully and lovingly create your bespoke centre-piece.

We are two experienced who have owned a commercial bakery specialising in cakes, so we have experience not only in one off bespoke hand made cakes but also the manufacturing of thousands per day!

From small and intimate to large weddings, all of our cakes are made with the same dedication and love.

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