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Pop-Up Bar

A beautiful, chestnut clad, mobile bar available to hire as a dry bar or fully stocked.

The 3.65m diameter bar system is entirely modulable and therefore gives great flexibility of usage in various locations and configurations during an event weekend. Currently clad in locally sourced chestnut wood straight from the forests of the Perigord noir, other skins such as zinc, copper or painted wood are also a possibility. ~~~~~~ ​The bar is available to hire as a dry bar, so that you can provide your own staff, drinks, glassware etc. or as an all-inclusive bar service including; personalised menu choices from mocktails to cocktails and everything in between, styling, lighting, drinks and ingredients sourcing. They have a superb network of regional micro brasseries, wine cellars, vineyards and distilleries to suggest, however clients are not obliged to purchase from our network and always pay the suppliers directly. ~~~~~~ Staffing - from delivery through set up, service and pack down they provide a complete service tailored to your requirements , please ask for a quote. They are also able to supply glassware, fridge boxes, refrigerated trailers, freestanding sinks etc.....

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