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 Fine Wedding  Photography 

Beautiful and natural images captured in an unobtrusive and fun-loving photo-journalistic style. 
Fine Wedding photography in South-west France

I am a professional photographer with over 25 years experience and enjoy living and working in South-West France. I have a relaxed, friendly and fun approach to my wedding photography and aim to delight my clients with stunning images that are natural and beautiful. 

Weddings are full of emotions, mini stories and things of beauty and that's why I love photographing them. It's great to be there in the background watching and listening for that hint of something about to happen. The more weddings you photograph the easier this becomes because you can anticipate whats's going to happen as your senses are trained to tune into everything around you. It's my preference to work quietly in the background at weddings, blending in with the guests, not interfering with the flow of the day, watching, listening and photographing the the story of the day. The anticipation and nerves leading up to the ceremony, the joy and happiness of the ceremony and the relief and congratulations that follow all provide opportunities to capture natural and beautiful photographs. It's great being a wedding photographer as you are immersed in this happiness over and over again.

My photography style is photojournalistic as I like to record the story of the wedding day as it unfolds. I do add some classical and fine art images too as most couples expect this. My images are natural and beautiful and provide a lasting memory of a special day spent with family and friends.

When working with clients I want them to be happy and enjoy the experience; this makes me happy and makes the photography more natural too; so expect laughter and joking, this is part of my work style! 

A sought after wedding photographer in the Dordogne. and throughout the South-West. Aquitaine incl. Dordogne & Midi-Pyrenées. An undeniably romantic region with stunning scenery, delicious food, renowned Bordeaux & Cahors vineyards, a warm welcome and reputedly 1001 chateaux in the Dordogne alone....which one will you chose? Start your search in Agen, Armagnac, Bergerac, Beynac, Biarritz, Cahors, Dax, Gascony, Lourdes, Pau, Perigueux, Rocamadour, Sarlat or Toulouse. 
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