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Wedding Venues in South-west France

149. Beautiful Riverside Manor House
Charming riverside manor house in the Dordogne with beautiful grounds and swimming pool. Sleeps up to 42, caters up to 250
124. Superb 17th Century Chateau
Superb 17th Century Chateau wedding venue with lovely gardens near Bordeaux. Sleeps 42, caters for up to 180
123. Elegant 15c Charente Chateau
Beautiful chateau wedding venue with courtyard, party barn and swimming pool in the Charente. Sleeps up to 38, caters for up to 200
114. Charming Manor House Dordogne
Manor House near Bergerac with orangery, terrace & swimming pool set in 46ha of natural woodland & meadows. Sleeps 25, caters 200
111. Magnificent Chateau Dordogne
Chateau wedding venue with breath-taking views overlooking the Dordogne valley. Sleeps 70, caters for 70
105. Enchanting c15th Watermill
Charming, rustic venue in the Charente that accommodates 20 and caters for up to 100 wedding guests
104. Delightful Vineyard Venue
Relaxed, rustic vineyard wedding venue near Toulouse and Carcassone with pool and tennis court. Sleeps 48, caters for 80 / 120+
107. Majestic Medieval Chateau
Medieval chateau wedding venue close to Toulouse and Carcassone. Sleeps 28, caters for 130 +
109. Enchanting chic chateau
Stylish intimate chateau on the Dordogne / Charente border with beautiful grounds and a large heated pool. Sleeps 26, caters for 150 +
127. Magical Riverside Chateau
Beautiful Renaissance chateau on the banks of the Garonne River near Toulouse. Sleeps 20 and caters for 150+.
116. Spectacular Hilltop Village
Unique wedding venue in south-west France, easily accessible from Toulouse and Bordeaux airports. Sleeps 80, caters 200
141. Romantic Rustic Wedding Venue
Romantic rustic private estate near Bergerac with charming party barn, infinity pool and tennis court. Sleeps 14, caters for up to 80
126. Historical Armagnac Castle
Historical Armagnac Chateau with lovely courtyard, heated pool, gym and 4 hectares of private parkland. Sleeps 63, caters for up to 300
135. Stunning Chateau Estate
Romantic wedding chateau estate near Bordeaux with beautiful parkland and swimming pool. Sleeps 51, caters for 150 +
128. Beautiful 17th century chateau
17th century chateau, surrounded by a magnificent vineyard in the Lot-et-Garonne. Sleeps 21 people and caters for 120 guests
113. Grand Chateau
Grand Chateau - the ultimate luxury wedding venue with swimming pool in south-west France. Sleeps 81, caters for up to 350
120. Unique Boutique Manor House
Unique Boutique Manor House in the Charente, surrounded by vineyards and with two swimming pools. Sleeps 38, caters 90+ .
140. Rustic Old Converted Farmhouse
Charming old stone-built farmhouse - a relaxed, rustic wedding venue in the Dordogne with swimming pools. Sleeps 30, caters up to 80
102. Idyllic Rural Wedding Venue
Rustic wedding venue in the Lot, perfect for relaxed, intimate wedding parties. Sleeps up to 19 and caters for 50 guests.
101. Elegant chateau in the Charente
Historic chateau estate in the Charente with heated pool, sleeps 82, caters 120 +
112. Luxury 19th century Chateau
This luxury 19th century Chateau in the Dordogne can accommodate 43 guests on site and cater for up to 150......
117. Dordogne Chateau with Chapel
An elegant 19th century chateau venue with private chapel, gatehouse and pool. Sleeps 30 and caters for up to 120.
134. Intimate chateau venue
This enchanting medieval chateau is the perfect venue for an intimate French country wedding.
131. Imposing 12th century castle
Imposing 12 century castle estate in the Bergerac wine region, with heated pool, gym and lovely grounds - perfect for stylish DIY weddings
121. Stunning 15th Century Chateau
Beautiful chateau situated in the Bordeaux wine region with chapel, pool and lake. Sleeps 50, caters for up to 150
108. Fairytale Wedding chateau
A fairytale wedding chateau in the Dordogne with pool, helipad and private parkland. Sleeps up to 48, caters for 150 +
118. 11th Century Chateau
A beautifully renovated medieval chateau that can accommodate 28 people and cater for 300 guests.
119. 12th century Chateau Toulouse
12th century chateau near Toulouse with accommodation for 20 and catering for up to 200 people.
136. Luxury chateau with spa & golf
This luxury 16th century chateau offers accomodation for 70-120 guests near Bergerac in South-West France.
110. Unique Safari Lodge Venue
Lovely, family-friendly safari lodge newly-opened wedding venue in the Gers. Sleeps 45 and caters up to 45
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125. Lovely 19th Century Château
Beautiful Château wedding venue with stunning grounds, orangery and swimming pool. Sleeps 25, caters up to 200
129. Majestic 19th Century Chateau
Exclusive 19th Century Chateau wedding venue on a 100 acre private estate near Toulouse. Sleeps 30, caters for 150
145. Romantic 17th Century Chateau
A beautiful medieval chateau near Bordeaux with chapel and pool. Sleeps 50 and caters for up to 100 guests
147. c13th Gascon Châteaux
This 13th Century Gascon Chateau is a unique medieval wedding venue with a private chapel and splendid cours d'honneur. Sleeps 44+, caters up to 350+
148. Beautiful chateau Toulouse
Charming chateau wedding venue near Toulouse with a rustic courtyard, party barn, pool and bar. Sleeps 26, caters up to 120
146. Magical Château in the Dordogne
Stunning Château with spectacular views over the Dordogne. It has a charming chapel and heated swimming pool. Sleeps 60, caters for 150
144. Charming Medieval Chateau
Charming ivy-clad Medieval Chateau with 2 swimming pools and views over the beautiful Dordogne Valley. Sleeps 35, caters up to 100
132. Elegant Woodland Chateau
Beautiful chateau wedding venue near Toulouse with pool, tennis court and lovely grounds including woodland. Sleeps 26, caters for 120 +
103. Charming Charente Chateau
Stylish Chateau set in peaceful parkland with a lovely pool. Sleeps 15 with additional accommodation nearby. Caters for up to 100
138. Rustic Country Wedding Venue
Exceptional setting for an idyllic rustic French country wedding. Lovely gardens and large pool. Sleeps 30, caters for 120
130. Romantic Intimate Chateau
Intimate wedding venue between Toulouse and Bordeaux with stunning gardens. Sleeps 10, caters 100
115. Stylish Chateau near Bordeaux
Stylish wedding venue near Bordeaux with swimming pool, swimming lake and tennis courts. Sleeps 30, caters for up to 300
143. Delightful Mill House Venue
Pretty mill house property on the banks of a small river, with heated swimming pool. Sleeps 20, caters for up to 70
139. Vineyard Estate Wedding Venue
Magical château estate in the heart of vineyards only 20 mins from the historical city of Bordeaux. Sleeps up to 33, caters for 150
106. Luxury French Farmhouse
Rustic rambling farmhouse wedding venue in south-west France with swimming pool. Sleeps 18, caters for up to 120
142. Boutique Hotel with Golf Course
Unique boutique hotel wedding venue with spectacular mountain views. Sleeps 65, caters for up to 300
133. Unique 10th Century Venue
Historic Château wedding venue in the Charente boasting a magnificent banqueting hall with river views. Caters for 250 seated, 300 cocktail-style
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Wedding venues in the South of France


Wedding venues in the Loire

S16. Chateau in the Languedoc
Chateau estate vineyard wedding venue in the Languedoc, south of France with two swimming pools and spa. Sleeps up to 65, caters for 200+ guests
S15. Lovely venue near Carcassone
Wonderful wedding venue with panoramic views, lovely gardens and a swimming pool near Carcassone. Sleeps 12, caters for up to 80
S17. Romantic Vineyard Wedding Venue
Delightful wedding venue with swimming pool set in a 175 acre vineyard in the south of France. Sleeps up to 14, caters up to 150
S12. Delightful c17th Wine Domaine
Charming wine domaine provides an idyllic setting for self-catered wedding parties in the south of France. Sleeps 24, caters for up to 90
S13. Provence style wedding venue
Lovely Provence style vineyard wedding venue with charming courtyard and pool near Carcassone. Sleeps up to 17, caters for 100 guests
S10. Charming Boutique Chateau
Relaxed wedding venue in Languedoc, south of France with heated pool. Sleeps 50 and caters for up to 150.
S02. Romantic Provençal Venue
Idyllic wedding venue in Provence, south of France with pool, chapel, gardens and riverside parkland. Sleeps 30, caters 150
S09. 15th Century Lodge in Provence
Charming 15th century lodge in Provence, accommodates 40 and caters for up to 200 guests
S02. Beautiful Chateau Wedding Venue
Beautiful chateau wedding venue with a large swimming pool situated at the heart of a small village near Carcassone, south of France. Sleeps 32, caters for up to 130.
S14. Luxury Hotel Venue Côte d'Azur
Unique luxury hotel wedding venue with stunning sea view, infinity pool and spa. Welcomes wedding parties up to 120 guests with lovely accommodation for all.
S07. 17th Century Provençal Mansion
Delightful wedding venue in Provence with stunning views, swimming pool and lovely gardens. Sleeps 29, caters for 250
S05. Stunning chateau in the south
Magical wedding venue in Languedoc-Roussillon. Sleeps 26, caters for up to 160 guests
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L03. Renaissance Château the Loire
Exceptional Renaissance Château in the Loire, the perfect venue for weddings between 40 and 300 guests. Sleeps 65, caters up to 300
L02. Romantic Castle in the Loire
Enchanting Castle wedding venue in the Loire. 1hr45 from Paris. Sleeps 14 people and caters for 250 guests.
L04. Magnificent Chateau in the Loire
Charming Chateau in the Loire with swimming pool, the perfect wedding venue for a luxury, intimate celebration. Sleeps 18, caters for 65 +
L01. Luxury Chateau in the Loire
Luxury Chateau Estate wedding venue in the Loire with lovely grounds and a lake. 2 hours from Paris. Sleeps 46 people and caters for 280
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Wedding Venues in Central France

C02. Lovely Chateau near Paris
Beautiful chateau wedding venue near Paris with chapel, pool and parkland. Sleeps 55, caters for160+
C01. Majestic 19th Century Chateau
Majestic chateau wedding venue in central France with heated pool, parkland and lake. Sleeps 37, caters for 80.
C03. Charming Converted Farmhouse
Rustic wedding venue only 1hr15 from Paris Orly, with swimming pool and large wedding party barn. Sleeps 40, caters for up to 200
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Wedding Venues in Northern France 

N05. Fairytale Château in Normandy
Beautiful château wedding venue located in the stunning setting of a natural regional park with its own chapel. Sleeps up to 37, caters for 30 to 300
N02. Beautiful Chateau in Normandy
Idyllic wedding venue in Normandy only 1hr30 from Paris. Sleeps 96, caters up to 280
N01. Charming chateau north France
Historic 16th century chateau wedding venue in northern France with chapel and 22 hectare park. Sleeps 45, caters up to 300
N04. Delightful Chateau in Normandy
Beautiful Château wedding venue in Normandy with heated swimming pool. Sleeps up to 18, caters 50
N03. Spectacular venue in Normandy
Discover this spectacular venue in Normandy - an architectural masterpiece, Gothic and Renaissance inspired. Caters for up to 160 guests
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