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Planning your wedding should be fun. Our on-line directory has a massive selection of the best wedding venues and suppliers in France (and some of the best deals available), which will help to ensure that your plans all go to plan!

Whether you are looking for a magnificent château venue, a rustic retreat, an energetic party band, a mobile bar, delicious food, a friendly photographer, fabulous flowers or a stylish marquee ..... we'll help you find your perfect partners. 

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 About us 

Having moved to France with my young family in 2003 and whilst working in the wedding industry here since 2007, I have accumulated a huge array of valuable contacts. During a call to my best friend on the other side of the world and chatting about the stress involved in organising the logistics of her niece's wedding abroad, the penny finally dropped. I realised in a flash that these contacts needed to be shared.........and the concept for a dedicated wedding directory in France was born!


 So, to all of the wonderful couples who are just embarking on the first steps towards their dream wedding in France, I hope that "Hitched in France" and our hand-picked selection of wedding experts can help to make the planning of it all a little smoother. 


If you're committed to managing your own wedding then we can definitely make your life a

lot easier by putting you in touch with some of the best wedding providers in France and

overcoming any initial language barriers. 


Let us know what you are looking for and we'll put you in touch with the services that are available - you could call it a "French wedding comparison" site!


Best of all, this service is offered without any subscription fees as we receive an advertising payment from the suppliers that we promote. 


So what are you waiting for? Let's get planning.....


 France by Region 

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