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Ready or Not Live DJ

A London based DJ live group, specialising in dance floor fillers and energetic performances.

With their first hand experience in live music and extensive experience on and off the stage, Ready or Not provides companies and individuals with outstanding entertainment.

Whether it’s your once in a lifetime wedding day, a corporate summer party, brand launch or a birthday party, the group works closely with their clients to deliver the perfect entertainment for your day.

With a flexible line up, they can tailor the size of the band to suit any occasion!

Whether you need a solo DJ for an intimate event, or a large band including singers, sax, percussion and violin, we will supply you with the best musicians our team has to offer.

Need to keep the line up compact but want the magic of live vocals? We've got you! Our DJ has over 20 years experience fronting various DJ Live and live band projects in the UK and worldwide.

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