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Secret Singers in France

Surprise your guests with fabulous secret singers - disguised as waiters!

We are something different in the form of musical entertainment and offer a surprise musical entertainment act. We have a team of professional singers who cover the whole of France. We turn up a few hours before the guests and do a quick sound check, then we sneak off and get changed into the same uniform as the other waiters. We then go undercover, pretending to be waiters! We pour wine, hand out canapes, we have even been known to run a gin bar and a cocktail bar! All the time the unsuspecting guests think we are waiters. We get to know the big personalities that are at the event, we can be a bit cheeky with the boys and a little bit flirty with the girls (who doesn’t love a French waiter!?) and after several hours of undercover work, we work with the person who books us to spring our surprise! We walk across the room with a champagne bucket and pretend to fall over – there are always lots of oohhh’s and aaarrrggghs and cheers (people can be so cruel ha ha) and then we jump up, say a few words, the music starts and we start singing (I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much but you get the idea right? Every event we do is different and bespoke). Everyone then realises that we aren’t in fact waiters but professional singers. We just love to have fun and we make sure that we get your party started and that your guests go away and remember your event, not for what colour flowers you had, or what you had to eat but for the amazing surprise we sprang on your guests.

We have a team of professional singers who cover the whole of France, both French and English with accolades of performing in the West End in London and include; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Grease, Starlight Express, Guys and Dolls and Godspell to name a few.

Our amazing French singers have appeared as finalists on Nouvelle Star and France's "The Voice". We even have one of our Singers who represented their country in the Eurovision Song contest and came 7th! We can also provide musical entertainment for the evening as well should it be easier for you to deal with just one supplier and collaborate with lots of other companies to make the musical part of your event amazing.

We perform anywhere From Salle de Fetes to Chateaux, if you are having an event we would love to be there to surprise your guests. The best bit? Seeing your guests faces when they realise that the person who has been pouring their drinks and handing out their canapes aren’t in fact waiters but Singers is the best bit. Our Singers just love it when they come up to them afterwards and tell them they did not suspect a thing.
We are a surprise musical entertainment act – hopefully we will see you at your event but ssshhhh don’t tell anyone – it’s a surprise!

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