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This talented, dynamic young British videographer offers her services at wedding venues in the South-west and throughout France

Tilly Kay Films Weddings in France

Tilly is a very talented, dynamic young British videographer. Having grown up in the south-west of France and travelled extensively, she is completely bi-lingual and loves exploring subtle cultural differences .

Sympathetic to your personal style and requirements, she aims to capture the tender as well as the fun moments that often go un-noticed on the day and preserve them for a life-time. Her fun, outgoing personality makes her lovely to have around and she will blend discreetly into the crowd, never trying to orchestrate proceedings.

Tilly has been passionate about videography from a young age and uses top-of-the range equipment to capture and edit beautiful, natural shots.

Quite simply, her sole goal is to create a truly precious record of your very special day!

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