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 Rent-it Marquee Hire 

The design and construction of extraordinary marquees and tents for weddings throughout France. 

Classic Wedding cars in South-west France

Designing, building and constructing extraordinary temporary spaces for your event is our passion. As professional suppliers of stretched canvas, barnums, pagodas, nomadic tents, party tents, folding gazebos, marquees, flooring, furniture, lighting, heating, we have everything we need to meet your most extravagant requests! 

Our unusual or stretched canvas, also known as "nomad tent" or "stretch tent" are able to adapt to all environments and weather conditions. A stretch tent can be used as an extension of a patio or porch, on a roof terrace or even in a wild flower meadow. We study each project with the utmost attention to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! We will find the perfect match between your needs and your constraints. Sizes from 45m² and beige colour to better blend in with nature! 3D model of the configuration for your event possible on request. CTS certification - MK4 canvas with M2 fire rating.


Our traditional Barnum Marquees are composed of a roof with two slopes and adaptable to any type of project. They can cover very large surfaces. We offer several sizes that can be joined to provide numerous configurations; 5m × 4m, 5m × 8m, 5m × 12m. Technical features include; 2mm galvanized steel structure, lighting included, free span between vertical supports 4m, Passage height of 2m, roof peak height of 3.3m, White sheeting PVC, M2 fire rating, made in France, CTS certification. 

Our cottage garden Pagodas with their pointed roofs are beautifully simple party tents. They can be used as a porch or entrance to a main tent, extension of the house or the centerpiece of your event. We can combine infinite numbers to create a larger space that is square or rectangular. Technical characteristics include aluminium structure,  5m x 5m dimensions, Passage height of 2.2m, roof tip height of 5,25m, white PVC fireproof sheeting, sliding curtains at the sides, CTS certification, lighting included. 

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