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Craft cocktails mobile bar

Craft cocktails offer an exciting mobile bar service for weddings in the South of France and Côte d'Azur.

Craft cocktails is an exciting cocktail catering service in France, on the French Riviera. Treat your guests to our carefully crafted drinks which, we boastfully admit, are perfectly balanced and taste delicious. OUR AIM IS TO IMPRESS YOU WITH OUR CUSTOM MADE HARWOOD BAR, FRIENDLY STAFF AND IRRESISTIBLE LOOKING DRINKS. You may notice how passionate we are about cocktails. Indeed, many hours are spent fine-tuning our recipes to ensure they are not only perfectly balanced but beautifully presented. Our difference lies in the modern techniques used to craft the cocktails. We use sous vide to infuse our liquors, or dry ice to release aroma and add a touch of theatre. ESSENTIALLY, WE THINK COCKTAILS SHOULD BE MORE THAN A DRINK. THEY SHOULD BE AN EXPERIENCE.Of course we have the classics covered as well. In fact we will offer a tailored menu for each individual event based on your likes and dislikes, theme and guest list. BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS BEVERAGES THAT WILL HAVE YOUR GUESTS BUZZING, AND IT WON’T JUST BE FROM THE BOOZE IN THEIR DRINKS! We are also passionate about delivering exceptional service. Our bar staff are skilled professionals who understand the importance of being friendly and welcoming of guests.

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