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Luxury Wedding Cakes

These beautiful handmade wedding cakes are made from the finest quality fresh ingredients and edible flowers.

Our luxury wedding cake specialist has been making cakes for family and friends for 20 years now. When she moved to France in 2009, she found it impossible to buy traditional celebration cakes — or even the ingredients to make them — so decided to do something about it.

All of her cakes are handmade from scratch, often using ingredients imported from the UK. The eggs are from her own free-range hens, so freshness is guaranteed.

The flavours on offer are vanilla, chocolate, lemon, coffee, carrot and rich fruit cake. Something for everyone.

If you want your cake decorated with sugar flowers, sculpted animals or realistic-looking figures, just ask. She’s successfully completed professional training courses in the UK and France, and is willing to have a go at most things....and everything is edible!

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